Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are You a Genius?

In a student's quest for excellence in the academic world, the general yardstick of the highest achievable- goal is the lofty title of "genius".

So- are you a genius?  I bet you never even seriously considered that it might apply to you.  Or perhaps you have.  But what exactly do we speak of when we qualify someone as a "genius"?

Nineteenth century philosopher Immanuel Kant gave one definition:  a genius was someone who produced works that were both original and exemplary.  Therefore, a genius was one whose accomplishments evoked both awe and admiration.  Examples among these works might include, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, or Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. 

Another definition emerged in the later half of the Twentieth Century with the development of the standard IQ test which purported to determine levels of intelligence with those scores over 140 points being granted the title "genius".

But there are many people who have genius level IQ scores, but have accomplished very little in life.  It seems to me that exceptional achievement is a much better measure of genius- if that term is used in it's general laudatory way.  If you wish to become a genius, then your level of genius should be measured by your own creative productivity.  

What have you produced today..genius?

Friday, June 27, 2014

I made this video for my friend Jonathan Larsen who is a coffee lover and who is not afraid to walk a different path.  This is "bulletproof coffee" which I have found to have increased metabolic properties that have not only made me sharper and more alert during the day without any sort of coffee crash, but has increased my average metabolic rate and fat burning capacity to the point where after two months I have dropped 15 pounds without exercise.  Follows is a tutorial I shot with my google glass on a Friday morning as I was getting ready for work.  It is rough and unscripted but gives the basic idea of how to make the stuff.